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Friday, August 08, 2008

Resolving Medicare Liens: Part 3

Here are steps 5 & 6:
5. As soon as your case is resolved you must fax a letter to Medicare at (734) 957-0998. The letter should state: (1) the date the case was resolved; (2) the amount involved; (3) the attorney's fee; and (4) an itemized list of expenses. Call them a few days after the letter has been sent to verify that it was received and request a final demand letter. Again, it will take 30 to 45 days for you to receive the letter. You will also receive another itemization from Medicare and a demand for payment. Be sure to check for unrelated charges. YOU ONLY HAVE 60 DAYS TO SATISFY THE LIEN (unless the the final demand letter states otherwise). You must file an appeal to get rid of the unrelated charges on the final demand letter. This takes approximately 150 days to decide. You must still satisfy the lien while the appeal is pending. Mail the check to: Medicare: MSPRC Liability, P.O. Box 33828, Detroit, MI 48232-3828.
6. This is the easiest step. Wait for Medicare to send you a letter confirming that the lien has been released and that they are closing their file.

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