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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Resolving Medicare Liens: Part 1

Resolving Medicare liens can be a real hassle. As of October 2006 there is one national recovery contractor for Medicare. It's the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractor ("MSPRC"). Here is MSPRC's Web site

There is a six-step process for resolving Medicare liens through MSPRC. Here are steps 1 & 2:

1. Send a letter of representation that includes details of your client's injuries (be specific). The address is: Medicare: Coordination of Benefits, MSP Claims Investigation Project, P.O. Box 33847, Detroit, MI 48232.

2. Medicare will send you a reply letter; enclosed will be a Medicare Secondary Payer Development Form. Complete the applicable portions of the form, have your client sign it, and return it to Medicare. Medicare will also send you a Consent to Release Form for your client's signature. The Consent to Release Form must be on file before Medicare will speak to you about the claim.

Please make sure all forms are compete or they will be returned.

The remaining four steps will be posted later.

Good luck!

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