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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stella Liebeck: Do you know who she is? You should!

Stella Liebeck. Who is she? She is famous. Why? Because she is the lady who sued McDonalds over the spilled coffee. Do you know the entire story about this case (not just an anecdote)? Well, here it is (you may need to Google this link):

Read this story. I believe that once you know "the rest of the story" your take on this case will change.

Information, again, is vital and should be shared.

Thanks for reading!


Tom Young said...

The McDonalds case is by far the most visible and successful attempt by the tort reformers to sway public opinion. Thanks for spreading the word on the real story! Here's another interesting post on the McDonalds Coffee Case.

Tony Duncan (615) 620-4471 said...


Thanks for the link. I love being able to shed some light on this subject when it comes up. It's part of our job to inform people about what happened -- at least that's my take on it.

Thanks, again, for reading.

Tom Young said...

No problem. Did you get my email yesterday re: your ATLA list serve post?

Also, I put a link from our Tampa personal injury law blog to your blog. It's on the bottom right.

Tom Young said...


Did yiu get my email last week re your ATLA listserve posting about your new blog? I had some suggestions for you. Tom

Tony Duncan (615) 620-4471 said...


Sorry, I did not get your e-mail. Try me at