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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Medical Records

This post is a follow-up one to my Oct. 6, 2008 post that cited Tenn. Code Ann. sec. 63-2-101(a). Here's a link to that post:

Here is the reason for this follow-up post:

Under the same Title and Chapter as the statute cited in the above-referenced post, an affidavit must be provided upon request from the provider's custodian of records, T.C.A. § 63-2-102(c)(1); and the records so obtained and the affidavit (which can be obtained for a fee of no more than $20.00) qualifies as a business record and is excepted from being barred as hearsay, id. § 63-2-102(c)(2). And lastly, the records must be provided without delay once they have been paid for. Id. § 63-2-102(e).

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