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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SCOTUS Denies Cert in TN Products Case

Yesterday the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari ("cert") in the Flax case. (This case was the subject a July 25, 2008 post on this blog.)

The jury had assessed substantial punitive damages against Chrysler, which the Tennessee Supreme Court upheld after a substantial reduction. The United States Supreme Court (at least no more than a few of the justices) apparently thought the decision did not need to be disturbed.

As a reminder, a little boy died because of a defective seat in a Chrylser minivan that failed, fell back on him, and killed him in a car accident. The link in the July 5, 2008 post referenced above has all of the necessary background information about the case.

Here's a link showing the denial of cert:

This is a very tragic case. However, at least the family was not denied some justice for their loss.

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