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Monday, July 23, 2007

The National Quality Forum

The National Quality Forum ("NQF") Web site states that it "is a not-for-profit membership organization created to develop and implement a national strategy for health care quality measurement and reporting. " (See, lasted visited July 23, 2007.)
The site has a list of member organizations (e.g., hospitals, etc.)
NQF's site has books for sale, specifically: Serious Reportable Events in Healthcare 2006 Update. That book contains a "never" list. The list indicates things that should never happen in a hospital, for example: surgery on the wrong body part (a.k.a wrong-site surgery); surgery on the wrong patient; and surgical instruments left in a person's body, etc. (See, lasted visited July 23, 2007.) These types of events are also referred to as "serious reportable events."
This book offers good information for both the medical and legal community.

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